10 Tools and Tips for Business Collaboration

Posted 17 November 2015 12:00 AM by Jeremy Kramer, Business Development & Marketing @ ClearPeople

It is exceedingly important to be collaborative in today’s Digital Workspace. Our data is growing exponentially, our departments are expanding and we need new ways to work together more effectively. We can now work remotely with mobile phones, tablets and laptops and collaboration therefore has become an objective that cannot be overlooked. We have compiled our top 10 tools and tips on how to enhance business collaboration in the Digital Workspace. 

1. Think Systemically

  • Think about each decision, development and action step by step. Think about how it will impact someone in another department or organisation
  • Be strategic about each action you take

2.  Recognise power users

  • Power users are team leaders and first responders who are essential to driving collaboration and social enterprise adoption
  • Recognise, reward and celebrate collaborative behaviour

3. Use the Cloud

  • Staff need to be able to work on their devices, wherever they are, and they need a clean, fast and seamless experience when they're doing it. The Cloud gives your business users access to documents that help them get their jobs done no matter where they are 

4. Utilise Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

  • Microsoft’s EMS embraces Bring Your Own Device mobility by taking advantage of mobile access to corporate data  
  • It improves productivity while reducing risk
  • It helps provide business users with access to applications 25% more quickly, increasing their productivity
  • Employees use their mobile phones to access information, engage in conversations and update key figures on-the-go

5. Get to grips with Digital Disruption in your industry and beyond

  • Understand how evolving technologies are impacting and influencing your business and your competitors
  • Keep strategies clear by mapping, planning and informing all departments of developments that are changing the way people are consuming and doing business

6. Understand the importance of your Intranet

  • Your intranet allows you to share information across your entire company and is usually the gateway for your employees to access all the tools and information they need to effectively complete tasks
  • Collaborate with social tools to enhance the effectiveness of your intranet
  • Think about your business needs before embarking on a new intranet project. Our handy whitepaper can help you here

7. Lead with Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)

  • An ESN keeps your intranet interactive, allowing users to stay connected an collaborate in real-time
  • Yammer is a great example of a social platform that has team collaboration at its roots
  • Push information across all channels and pull information as needed

8. Hold effective meetings online

  • Being mobile and working remotely is more common now, therefore online meetings have become an increasingly imperative tool for working with colleagues in multiple locations. Skype for Business allows teams to connect and share information and documents to enhance business productivity and collaboration. With comprehensive security and control measures and Office integration, Skype for Business is your tool to enhance business collaboration. 

9. Leverage Business Intelligence

  • The volume and velocity of data growth is astonishing. Generating better data insight allows for better collaboration across departments and helps you to understand your employees and customers. We are able to connect with our customers in a more genuine and personalised way by harnessing data effectively, making Business Intelligence crucial for making better business decisions

10. Harness Enterprise Search 

  • When your users go beyond the basic search requirements and demand Enterprise Search, this effectively requires that content from multiple enterprise sources (often on different technical platforms) is available through a single search interface.
  • With SharePoint, you have the opportunity to deliver both simple and advanced enterprise search solutions with relatively little extra investment and effort


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