60-80% TCO with Microsoft Cloud Integrated Storage vs Traditional SANs – Is your storage strategy growing before your Data?

Posted 7 July 2014 12:00 AM by Gurmail Singh, Alliance Director @ ClearPeople

As Microsoft has become a “devices & services” company, devices are no longer limited to just to phones, tablets and consumer services; they can also be data centre infrastructure products. The same way that client/server architectures reshaped enterprise computing in the 1990s, device and service designs will change the future of enterprise IT. The broad interest in Software Defined Networking (SDN) shows how eager customers and vendors are to integrate on-premise devices (both real and virtual) with centralized management services. Why? To respond faster to changes, and to increase the utilisation of the physical infrastructure.

Microsoft Cloud Integrated Storage, the hybrid cloud storage solution from Microsoft, is an excellent example of how on-premise devices and cloud storage services can be integrated to achieve a more flexible IT infrastructure. In 2012 Microsoft acquired StorSimple, and with it, enterprise storage devices that help customers manage unstructured data growth, something that constitutes an unresolved problem for most IT organizations. The StorSimple device automates time consuming storage processes, and transparently uploads data to Windows Azure Storage services, allowing your IT team to focus on other problems.

StorSimple cloud-integrated storage provides primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery, all of it combined with Microsoft Azure. This allows you to optimise total storage costs, and increase data protection, as well as service agility. With StorSimple, you can integrate the public cloud with on premise storage, in order to reduce data centre infrastructure complexity, maximize data protection, reduce overall storage total cost of ownership (TCO) by 60-80%, and provision storage more rapidly to reclaim IT time cycles.


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