Metalogix Replicator for SharePoint / Syntergy Replicator - welcome on board

Posted 13 March 2012 12:00 AM by Gabriel Karawani, Director @ ClearPeople

For those that didn’t hear the news – Metalogix last week announced the purchase of Syntergy’s SharePoint solutions

Metalogix’s portfolio therefore gets a nice new addition, in the form of “Replicator for SharePoint”, which is without a doubt one of the leading replication products out there. As System Integrators this is obviously exciting news. When Metalogix added StoragePoint to their portfolio approx. 2 years ago it quickly proved to be a very useful addition to our toolbox when planning or implementing enterprise scenarios with our customers. 

Within a short space of time we could start to provide our customers with expertise and approaches for various combinations of large scale storage and migrations. For instance, Knight Frank reduced the MOSS 2007 content database down from just under 800 GB down to approx. 45 GB in preparation for SharePoint 2010 migration. Shallow migration scenarios (more about this in another upcoming blog) have also quickly become an effective a great alternative when migrating SharePoint farms with large data volumes. 

And so now – following last week’s news - we are preparing to add the new gadget into our box of tools. It will be interesting to follow our colleagues at Metalogix in the next year or two to see how this tool will evolve. Scenarios combining Replicator with StoragePoint and Azure storage is on my wish list!! Yes, that’s right – on my wish list I have two On-Prem SharePoint farms, replicating SharePoint items which – for media or document items - are in fact pointing to a shared Blobs offloaded by StoragePoint to the cloud. My new favourite term has been born - “Shallow Replication” ;-) 

In the short term however, what are the immediate features which Replicator brings to the table? Syntergy’s Replicator provides full real-time multi-directional replication capability. SharePoint objects are replicated to one or more participating systems. Any modifications to any of those replicas will be reflected back to every other replica including the original item. All sites are updated automatically using standard http or https protocol that enables operation through firewalls and minimizes network bandwidth requirements using data compression techniques. Replicator does not require client software and it does not use caching technology, or backup or restore technology. It is integrated into SharePoint’s administrative menues. 

Features List

  • Replicate any list type to multiple destinations
  • Compressed data transfer and prioritized transfers to minimize network traffic
  • Upload documents to a local server (no timeouts or network latency issues)
  • For partner/extranet access, physically separate secure partitioning of selected SharePoint information
  • Push common lists and documents to regional SharePoint servers
  • Active directory domain mapping for unified ownership and access
  • Replication of checkin/checkout, metadata and user permissions


It is not yet clear to us what the impact will be on the Replicator pricing model – but I am sure we will know more in good time. Short term, my guess is that there are no changes to the pricing model. Contributed by: Gabriel Karawani


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