Torsion IS


Torsion delivers Secure Data Access Control, invisibly integrated with your business and IT. It helps businesses get control of ‘who has access to what’, among collections of files, folders and sites.

Torsion is either a service in the cloud, or software in your data centre. It works across your existing Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and File Share systems – to improve data security and simplify compliance.

Unlike traditional Data Access Governance tools, Torsion focusses on the people in the business, to help them use information securely. We recognise that business users, not IT teams, are in the best position to understand who should have access to their information, and so we empower them without slowing them down.

Torsion was founded in 2013 in London by CEO Peter Bradley, following a 13-year career in secure information management consulting. Torsion’s award-winning Secure Data Access Control solution is cloud-first and inexpensive, making it ideal for modern businesses of all sizes.

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